how to choose crystals

How To Choose A Crystal

There are many methods to pick a crystal, as explained in various books. You can take an exercise test or look up the crystal. I would advise you to listen to what the crystal is saying. I’ll look for crystals that attract me, giving me the desire to pick them up and take them in …

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Crystal Shapes – What They Mean?

Crystals come in many designs, colors, sizes, and shapes. It’s not just the characteristics of the stones that matter; however, the crystal’s shape is crucial. A particular design might be the best based on what you would like your crystal to assist you with. This is why we’ve put together a guide on the different …

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Quartz Crystals

What is Quartz Crystal?

This mineral is also known as clear quartz crystal, and it is composed of silicon atoms and oxygen and is part of The Trigonal Crystal System. It is classified as having vitreous luster, and the rock is transparent, as its name implies. In addition to being clear to the eyes, this stone is believed to …

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Use of Crystals Healing

More users than before have now become open to using crystals. This is for a reason! These stones are filled with millions, sometimes thousands of years of Earth’s history and provide healing energy that could help improve any mindfulness exercise. However, just as with any exercise or diet regimen, one that is effective for one …

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