A crystal mined from the peak.

We offer both crystals and crystal clusters extracted
directly from the Makalu range.


In general, Alpine type deposits are formed between 5000 ft to 16000 ft in Nepal. We have two important facts about these deposits. The quality of minerals is different at different heights. When height increases, the quality and the quantity of the mineral deposits also increases. The deposits’ occurrence is only in the south, southeast and southwest face of the mountain range. Alpine type deposits occur in high mountains of Nepal. The quality of the minerals of Alpine type deposits of Nepal is very good.

For instance, some mining deposits of Ganesh Himal have some interesting facts that some of the quartz crystals are completely covered with chloride but in some of them, half of the crystal is covered by chloride. We can find quartz crystals with chloride as inclusion and some of them have rutile, apatite, titanite, hematite, black tourmaline, actinolite, and pyrite as an inclusion with the nice and interesting quartz crystals. Sometimes many minerals are found as inclusion in one crystal. Quartz formation on the plate of albite can be found in Ganesh Himal deposits.

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