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From the core of Mount Makalu, we bring to you the natural and raw crystals, primarily mined in the Gunihang mine, Sankhuwasabha at an altitude of 14,000+ feet in the Makalu range. Located 22 kilometers east of Mount Everest, near Nepal and Tibet border, Makalu Himalayan crystal is the world’s fifth-highest peak (elevation 8,463 m). A crystal mined from the peak. 

Among the many natural stones, crystal is a power stone with a very high talisman and healing effects, and crystal points are said to have the strongest effect next to clusters. We offer both crystals and crystal clusters extracted directly from the Makalu range.

Makalu Himalayan crystals are revered as sacred crystals in Nepal, they are mined at high altitudes of 4,000 to 5,000 meters and are extremely rare. In The Alpine Crystals, you will discover crystals of exceptional luster and transparency that are extremely rare in other places.

Furthermore, crystals extracted from the Himalayas have extraordinary properties, and our mission is to elevate pure natural Himalayan crystals from Nepal to the world, for we believe in serving with the best quality at an affordable price, which is why we have been around for more than 25 years. We would like to clarify that The Alpine Crystals has been authorized and registered by the Government of Nepal, as well as approved by the Department of Mines and Geology. Start your journey today with Alpine Crystals

Brief Background on rocks & minerals in Nepal

It has been estimated that exploration of mines has been continuing for a long time in Nepal. There is evidence such as old excavated tunnels of mines in different districts of the country. 

Our ancestors have given sufficient attention to rocks and minerals mining and those works are carried on until now. 

Some people, who keep interest in rocks and minerals, say that those are only found in the riverbank. This is an inaccurate and shortsighted answer. Actually, the flow of water washes it out from its mines to the riverbank and it is easier to find the samples of rocks and minerals in the riverbank. 

The Department of Mines and Geology conducted some research in Phakuwa in Sankhwa-sabha at the Hyakule tourmaline and aquamarine mine. 

Nepal is rich in terms of rocks and mineral deposits. There are so many mountains within a short aerial distance and uneven topography. There is the possibility of rocks and minerals above 5000 feet from sea level but there is more possibility of rocks and minerals above 8000 feet. The scientists have said that the mountains and Himalayan region of Nepal is comparatively young. The available rocks and minerals in this region were formed during the time when Himalayas were under the sea. Looking at the geological history, rocks and minerals mines have been linked with the height of the mountain. 

Besides, the quantity and quality of the deposits of the rocks and minerals above 8000 feet are better than that of less than 8000 feet. On top of that, the rocks and minerals mines that are formed in higher mountains are more mature. The Alpine Crystals is a group of crystal enthusiasts from Nepal.

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