Citrine & Himalayan Chlorite Bracelet

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Citrine is a yellow to golden-brown colored variety of quartz. When combined with Himalayan chlorite quartz, it forms a stone that is unique and has specific properties.

Citrine mixed with Himalayan chlorite quartz is said to aid in manifestation, especially in regards to abundance and prosperity. The golden color of the citrine is often associated with success and wealth, while the chlorite in the quartz is believed to enhance manifestation.

The stone is also believed to promote physical healing by aiding in detoxification and boosting energy levels. Chlorite is known to have detoxifying properties, and citrine is said to promote vitality and wellness.

Spiritually, citrine mixed with Himalayan chlorite quartz is said to aid in the release of negative patterns and emotions while promoting clarity of thought and intention. The combination is also believed to create a sense of stability and security while elevating the spirit and promoting a sense of joy and optimism.

Overall, the unique combination of citrine and Himalayan chlorite quartz creates a powerful stone that offers a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. The addition of Himalayan chlorite quartz adds to its value, as the stone is hand-mined from the Himalayan Mountains, which is known for its rich mineral deposits.


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